Your Superbowl Kitchen

How is/did your kitchen function this superbowl Sunday? I'm watching the game as I write, or I should say, watching the commercials and getting up during the game! We've had party superbowls and quiet ones. This is a quiet one this year. Just my husband, me, and my son. Earlier today, Steve (husband) and I took my daughter and her husband (and Max, the dog) back to the city after their weekend visit and we stopped at Whole Foods on the way in.

superbowl.pngLet me tell you, it's all about their chicken wings! Of course, that's a staple for superbowl Sunday, and wow, are they GOOD. Worth going off the diet for! This is actually the smallest choice of food, I think we've ever had for superbowl Sunday. Blue corn chips with salsa, potato salad, blue cheese dip for the wings, and that was IT. I'm almost ashamed! I also bought fresh veggies, and somehow they didn't get on the table, but those wings!!

I want to share my favorite commercial with you. The second half just started, and I don't need to see another one. This one really cracked me up!

Hope you're having a good time..tell me how your kitchen functioned for you. And, what did you make/buy/cook? Did your appliances work well for you? Any post game 20/20 kitchen analyses to share?

Here's my favorite commercial, the first one, but I also really like the fedex one too, below. Enjoy!!

You've got to see this commercial, my favorite