Cozy Kitchens!

Maybe it's the start of cool weather, the recent economic uncertainty surrounding us or another hidden reason, but, I've had this soft mantra in my head saying "cozy kitchen" for a couple of weeks now, knowing I need to share this subject with you.

I'd say with certainty that a cozy kitchen is in the eye of the beholder. To me, a cozy kitchen is about individuality, whatever the style. It's about your personality shining through, not the replication of a catalog kitchen. Can you get inspiration from a kitchen you see, elsewhere, that you love? Yes, but then you have to make it your own, which is how the soul of your space will eventually emerge. Bring in the antique lighting, the books, the collections, the old, wooden shoe mold on the counter, whatever.

So, then, CAN one define a cozy kitchen? Not easily. Following are familiar descriptions of what a cozy kitchen might look like. Soon, I will show you the "alternative" cozy kitchen...modern, fresh, and definitely cozy. Images are from Chris Madden's classic book, "Kitchens." Classic means timeless, the real definition, in my mind, of "cozy."

A Cozy Kitchen is...

a space with texture of various types, proportions and colors

often seen with more matte than shiny surfaces

an arrangement of personal items on display

colors and finishes that blend rather than match

soft - softness in furnishings, curtains, pillows, rugs

wonderfully imperfect, and a work in progress


simple/clean or cluttered

informal OR formal

I'll be talking more about cozy kitchens! In the meantime, what is a cozy kitchen to you?