Romantic Kitchens

Let's talk about romantic kitchens, ok? Picture yourself in a cottage, set way back  from the winding road. The house sits on a hill. The cottage garden is seen from the kitchen window and the vegetable garden is just beyond that. The kitchen, first and foremost, is a soothing place where its owner finds solace at any given time of day. People speak in soft voices, smiles and every motion in the kitchen is done with love.

OK, I got a little carried away. Next thing you know I'd be saying there are no mortgage issues, no conflict...and nothing to clean up! We can dream, right? Looking at these kitchens, life appears bucolic, and maybe, just maybe, having a kitchen like one of these, contributes to "peace and contentment" being a bit more achievable in one's personal haven. One can hope, and in any case, daydreaming seems quite easy in any of these kitchens..

What are the elements of a romantic kitchen? Perhaps, some of the following:
  • Fabric skirts in front of lower cabinets
  • Pretty things on display
  • Open Shelves
  • Pastel or soft neutral colors
  • White, cream, or off white
  • Breaking the rules
What do you think are the attributes of a romantic kitchen? Do you like this style? All images from Vakre except the last one, from Cote Sud and the second to last from