Kitchen Tech

My world has changed today. My computer arrived a week and a half ago, but my new monitor arrived TODAY. I had been using a Sony monitor that I paid $2,000 for about 5 years ago. You'd think it was a good investment. I noticed over time, it was getting increasingly dimmer and dimmer and adjustments made no difference. It wasn't terribly dim, you wouldn't notice it, but put a new, cheap, really cheap, monitor next to it, and there was a huge difference, the cheap monitor blew it away at this point.

FlexScanSX2761W.jpgSo, I researched and researched. And, as I work with images all the time, it was best to have a certain color management ability/setting. And, since I'm always working on my kitchen design drawings, clarity was equally important.

I'm boring you now, I know it! Anyway, I ended up getting an Eizo 27" monitor, a brand that is well known for both photography and cad use. This thing is crazy! It's so bright! It's so crystal clear! I see this BLOG so differently, like, WOW, look at my blog, what colors! (I'm glad it was a GOOD reaction.)

I spent the same amount, I did 5 years ago, around $2,000. But, monitors have come down so far in price (in general), and a good monitor is so much better on the eyes (not to mention so much fun) and makes everything look so much better and realistic, especially all those products, textures, colors that are involved in the kitchen, it's a good reason to upgrade.

This monitor is changing my entire experience on the web, on my blog, in my design program, I'm so thrilled and I just had to share it! Now for the second monitor to put alongside it...maybe a 20" should do it.

Many of our lives are so internet-heavy these days, and I forgot how important a monitor is. Although I hated to replace something that was still functioning, bottom line, this was a good decision, a wise decision!

And, kitchens? They just look fabulous, dahling, on this monitor! Good weekend...