Kitchen Eye Candy

I need some kitchen eye candy. I've worked solidly for two days (this weekend.) Tons of detail work doing an electrical plan, plotting very specific dimensions for lighting and appliance centerlines, switching, and receptacles, only to have beams be in the way, I'm sure! Also, uploading plans to my out of state clients.

I also designed a kitchen within an entire space, designing around a structural column in the middle of nowhere, adding in furniture for the family room, again for context, as it is important to understand the negative space as one moves around furnishings, cabinetry, etc. That negative space is equally as important as where to put kitchen cabinets! You have to see it all. Remember that, in your great room design not forget to have the surrounding spaces/furniture drawn into your plans. Otherwise, you're driving blind, so to speak.

But, I'm wild about my monitor. It's truly the best thing I've done for myself in years! So fantastic, so crystal clear, so vibrant! But, I digress...I need some mindless kitchen eye candy, so let's look at it together and think some really luscious kitchen thoughts...Scandinavian kitchen thoughts, something I have not shown you in some time.

From Vakre, a magazine so beautiful on every page, I can hardly describe it...