Products For Kitchen Inspiration

Here are a few things, either new or cool, that I think are definitely worth noting.

elecgrommet.jpgFirst, take a look at this receptacle. Good for an island situation or other areas around the kitchen. It makes countertop receptacles possible. Not for every installation, but I can think of a few it would be perfect for, a long island, for one. This kitchen receptacle will do a good job being sealed off from liquid spills. By Doug Mockett & Company.






Harmony.jpgLook at these Harmony Wood tiles, by Anchor Bay Tile, aren't they cool? It's a real wood tile that is mounted with mesh, something your tile man will thank you for, that is, after he criticizes you for buying non ceramic tiles, of course. Just tell him they are made of wood from sustainable forests, and he'll feel better..we can dream. 

American%20Clay%201.jpgAnd, I really love this product, American Clay. It is a natural earth plaster, made of natural clays, a green product, recycled and reclaimed aggregates, and contributes to Leed points on your project. It is such a beautiful, sort of suede like finish for your walls, and again, it is healthy for your home. I'm seriously thinking of using it in my home this spring. In fact, someone is coming to my home today to take a look at my walls!

curbly%20chalkboard.jpgI also love the idea of a chalkboard wall, or section. My immediate thought is to do a post just on chalkboards in kitchens, and I may, but I also know that if I say, good idea, it won't happen for a month, so here's the idea now. I'm also seriously thinking of doing this in my kitchen too. The image is by booizzy. Here are a couple of other places for inspiration: Martha Stewart (but, of course) and Apartment Therapy (always.)