Kitchen Ideas At The Architectural Digest Home Design Show

Lucky for me...New York is at my doorstep, so I must take advantage of special events when I can. I really looked forward to the Architectural Digest Home Design Show, featuring "the best in home furnishings from nearly 300 exhibitors" as the press release says. Last year, they say 23,000 people attended over four days...and it's not such a big space, so with an eye on the clock, we (me and Steve-my husband aka "Show Dog") got there at 10 am, when it opened.

When I go to design shows that are not kitchen-centric, sometimes kitchen items, like major appliances, are displayed or a few cabinet companies here and there. I don't really stop at those exhibits. What I think is more interesting are other manufacturers which are NOT necessarily kitchen focused. It allows me to look beyond the "typical' world of products manufactured for the kitchen and bath industry, maybe to find a use IN the kitchen of a product which was designed for elsewhere in the home.

In general, I observed lots and lots of natural woods, and other natural motifs and materials. The characteristics of wood, its grain, knots, multi colors, is prevalent in this show. Lots of white, too, some black, really, a little bit of everything. More modern style than traditional, for sure. Nature, I'd say, was the star.

Here are some random finds that I'd like to show you.  

natalieblake.jpgFirst are some beautiful tiles I found, by Natalie Blake. They are very large, and quite irregular. They are more wall art than kitchen tiles, but I think one or more of these tiles could be beautifully framed around a backsplash of another material. This is an image of a tree, encompassing many tiles, but individual tilse can be pulled out from this and other motifs to stand on their own. Approximately $325 each.





french%20design.jpgFrench design is exquisite, no? I've begun to dream more seriously about going to Paris (I've not been there before) and was delighted to see the beautiful French antiques from Ghislain  Antiques, in Paris, and in Stamford, Connecticut, just down the road. Beautiful metal cabinets, perfect for kitchen pantry storage, stools, tables, can be lovely in the kitchen, no doubt. 






Another tile, imported from Italy by Wayne Tile. Situated in the back of a display against the wall, in the shadows, I found some tile I really liked for the floor, walls, anywhere.  it is named Scandinavian Mesh, but that's not why I liked it! It's soft, yet textured, a perfect warm modern tile. To me, it appears to be quite elegant.







7.jpgAnd, last, for now, I'm pretty crazy about these wall panels. What an idea! They can go anywhere. They are made in the form of columns, arches, and panels. I don't know about maintenance behind a backsplash, for example, but I do think it could be interesting to have glass in front of a panel with bolts holding the glass to the stone.  Look at the many textures and colors. Very cool. Barnell Stone.