More From The Architectural Digest Home Show

Here is more good stuff I saw at the show...let's look at tables. Tables send such a strong message about who lives in the home. Modern, traditional, formal, informal, textured, smooth, light, dark, light, heavy...these are just a few of the decisions one needs to make when contemplating the table in the context of the room and the home. Tables can also be a functional piece of artwork, and I am finding more and more, manufacturers are building and designing in practicality in terms of being able to refinish scratches, when they occur, which they will.

asia%20design%20studio.jpgHere is a lovely table. It IS a piece of art, at least to me. The table is made by the Asia Design Studio.  Designed by Na Winn, a talented Vietnamese artist.







I like City Joinery. I'm also a fan of the name. Made in Dumbo, they have a wildly smooth finish on their wood pieces, allowing the wood to be enjoyed, every piece of grain, pigment, characteristic. They make some great tables. I was also told that it's quite easy to touch up the finish when desired, or when scratches occur. The finish was flawless, yet, they tell you not to be afraid to do touch ups. I like that.

ericmanigian.jpgI also liked Eric Manigian's work. His work is very organic in its look and feel. Manigian designs with longevity in mind, and his pieces come from a small group of millers who provide him with wood from discarded or fallen trees. His designs are of a minimalist nature. After all, with wood as beautiful as this, with all its rugged beauty, that's really all you need.

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