Beautiful Kitchen - Remodel Magazine

I received a copy of Remodel magazine in the mail today, a Better Homes & Gardens Special Interest Publication. I'm definitely psychic, that's a fact, but I never know why I'm getting these thoughts! It's been forever since this project of mine was shot by BH&G. A long time has passed. The funny thing is, they were in such a rush to shoot it. Maybe they shot it a year and a half ago? Anyway, what do you know, just yesterday I wondered, where is this feature?? It was already in the mail to me, and it had been months and months since I last thought of it.

This was a crazy project. The problems just kept coming, one after another. It's a very old house and the house just did what it wanted to do, end of story. So, I was left to figure out the ceiling due to various beams not willing to move, but they had to relate to the different kitchen sections. It worked out very well, I think, although you can't appreciate it very much in the shots.

I think it's simple, yet elegant. Gena was so much fun to work with. I don't think she says more than a few words without laughing or smiling. That made everything very enjoyable. We had a few tense times, as can happen, but it all came together beautifully in the end. Take a look...