KBIS Kitchen Trends 2008

Kbis%20Kitchens-14.jpgOh, it occurred to me that I took images of all these kitchens at KBIS to show you! I think you will see a good deal of modern design as well as dark, rich, browns. You'll also see a common thread of lights, such as creams, and browns, combined. I thought that was interesting. I did not see the same amount of black cabinetry that I did last year, although it is still seen.

I was able to get some very good shots without people in them, and, short of a few shots that are, well, cockeyed, my new camera did an excellent job! The Idea Center kitchens by Meredith, will be up soon. Enjoy it! And, Happy Mother's Day!

KBIS Kitchen Slideshow