Kitchen Miscellanea

You know, it's funny. All of a sudden, I discovered a pattern in my thinking. Day after day, in the midst of a very busy period for me, I'm thinking, hmmmmm, maybe I should just show you some gorgeous Scandinavian kitchens from my recent magazines. No, not that, I'll blog about this problem I'm having on a job. No, I'll blog about new products, or this or that, or whatever, and each time, it causes me to delay a little longer. I seem to be experiencing a "no, not that" sort of feeling. I think I have so much I want to say and not enough time to say it all!

So, let me refocus!

One thing I know I've really wanted to do is to take you to some favorite blogs.

Design Hole: Take a look at Jennifer's recent trip to Milan, to Salone del Mobile, where she took a very active interest in all things kitchen related. Talk about innovation...

Dwell's Kitchen Blog: I like Dwell's Kitchen Blog. It's quirky, definitely quirky, and broad in its pick of things, trends, and other good stuff (that's being pretty specific) to talk about. Always something new to learn.

Pardon Our Dust: I really, really want you to check out this blog, written by Kathy Price-Robinson. Kathy has written about remodeling for, I don't know how many years, but I know it's a long time. Kathy is smart and provocative and very green minded. Lots of kitchen related posts. I think Kathy loves kitchens.

The Kitchn: I've been meaning to bring this to you for ages. I actually signed up for the Kitchen Cure. The goal of the Cure was to get one's kitchen in shape via organization, new ideas, enabling the kitchen to be used more enjoyable and more efficiently. Unfortunately, I just did not find the time to commit to doing it, but, I really wanted to. See how the Cure progressed.

Kitchen Design Notes: I like my colleague Laurie's take on blue being the new black, and all those gorgeous images included. Laurie knows her stuff!

Surroundings: What Inspires You? Let it all out and enter the contest at the same time!