Kitchen Design Consulting

I've been offering kitchen design consulting services informally and have not devoted a special page on my blog to this service until now. 

I am very pleased to formally introduce the One Hour Phone Consultation!

Call me about...well, anything related to your kitchen design project that is just not sitting right with you and for which you need a first OR a second opinion. 

I am happy to provide this kitchen design consulting service which can be invaluable to those who otherwise are at a loss as to what decision to make, be it in regard to products, design issues, style issues, or so many other issues that come up in the lengthy course of the kitchen remodeling process. 

I'm here for you!

When you do a kitchen once, maybe twice, I feel it is, in fact, a smart and responsible decision to seek advice from a professional...advice which can enhance your lifestyle in the kitchen, your enjoyment of your kitchen in an aesthetic or functional way, and provide "access" to a high end kitchen designer for a reasonable cost in the context of an overall kitchen budget.

Please call on me to work through your kitchen issues, whatever they may be. I'm looking forward to speaking with you personally!