Kitchen Design Consulting - Long Island & Metro New York

Finally! Just what Long Island and metro New York needs: in-person, unbiased, professional kitchen design consulting services. Although the emphasis on the page talks about kitchen design phone consultations, local in-person consultations are available as well. My local area is all of Long Island, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, as fits, regionally, into the "metro New York" region.

More information can be found in this post, introducing this service. 

My Kitchen Design Consulting service can be helpful if you:

  • are stuck on any one, or several, specific design issues
  • would like a general second opinion on your design
  • need a visit to your jobsite prior to a cabinet order
  • are a DIYer but see the value of a professional evaluation/overview
  • are unsure about materials
  • are unsure about style/theme/color
  • need help with appliance selection
  • need assistance with countertop issues (selection, durability, templates)
  • have questions on a backsplash design
  • need help with any other issue surrounding your kitchen design project

Travel beyond 15 miles (in one direction) is $50 per hour over that minimum distance.

Call me: 631.754.0464 or email me: susan @ to make an appointment. I'm here for you!