Sears Appliances - Kenmore Too!

Yesterday, just outside of Chicago, I attended a multi-brand appliance event, hosted by Sears. It was quite an eye opening experience, as Sears appliances, quite honestly, have not been on the radar in my business. Exactly why I needed to get with the program increase my awareness, so I welcomed this opportunity.

First, my conclusions: Sears understands their appliance-purchasing customer and has responded with an on-target, modern, line-up of appliances as they completely rebrand the 60 year old Kenmore line.

They also understand that it is beneficial to interact more closely with their customer and we will be seeing more of that commitment, hopefully in the very near future in some very interesting ways. The Sears Blue Appliance Crew is Sears' answer to providing all of the assistance that today's VERY busy families need surrounding the purchase of an appliance. The numbers are showing that the Sears Blue Appliance Crew is addressing those needs. That's a good start!

One of the most interesting pieces that I came away with is that Sears management team "knows what they don't know" and they recognize kitchen designers as a group with a few valuable brain cells from whom Sears, and their treasured customers, can learn...but you knew THAT, didn't you? Kudos, props, high five and a fist bump!

I was impressed by the Heroes at Home a charitable initiative helping military service families.

One more headline: they have a female appliance designer who recently revamped the Kenmore laundry line to stunning (yes, stunning) results (I did not remember her name) and she exudes all passion, all art, all design (odd grammar, but it fits). Very impressive. 

So, without consulting my notes or other information for this post, I wanted to be guided by my takeaway thoughts at this moment. More on Sears' appliance news in a little while...can you say "20,000 btu gas burner?"