It's Complicated - The Kitchen & Traditional Home

The movie, "It's Complicated" with Meryl Street, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin, to be released December 25, is partially about (yes!) the renovation of a kitchen (as well as love and divorce). A sneak peek of the kitchen is in this month's Traditional Home Holiday 2009 edition.

Set designer John Hutman notes that the kitchen (pre renovation) has "individual style." He says "it's makeshift and funky." Set decorator Beth Rubino, who also designed the set for "Something's Gotta Give, " and Hutman both studied Tuscan, California, and French kitchens to find their inspiration for the type of kitchen Meryl Streep's character, a bakery owner, would feel most comfortable in. The curtained fronts and open shelving work this theme. Interestingly, lots of creams and beiges were used to enhance the tone of Streep's complexion! I can only speculate that orange and black accents add contrast and life, respectively. The lighting fixtures tie in the stainless appliances and add a cool/warm juxtaposition to the front area of the kitchen.

I'm SO happy that Meryl Street is renovating that kitchen. Yes, it's charming. But, beyond charm, the range is situated in a very unfortunate spot just next to the wall, the hood is positioned way too high and as a baker, I'd imagine Meryl may want a lower baking surface for ergonomic reasons. Next time Hollywood wants a movie about a kitchen renovation, I have some stories that I can submit which would surely get the green light. ;)

Here are additional images from Remodelista!