The Kitchen Table

The kitchen table. There is a certain kind of magic that happens around a table. The table becomes a catalyst, a force, that, surrounded by people with positive thoughts and love in their hearts, makes them ever more connected as the words fly about, laughter erupts, a meal ebbs and flows.

As I design my kitchens, I visualize this "future magic" at work and think in terms of ambiance and comfort. Second to the function of the kitchen? Never.

Beyond the Thanksgiving meal "event," as a host or a visiting guest these next days, don't miss the magic that is happening at the kitchen table. It appears at breakfast, while sharing a late night snack, or for all other reasons one gathers 'round the table.

This type of magic is real. I was fortunate to experience it last evening with loved ones crowded around the kitchen table. I hope you do too, and if you are so inclined, please share your thoughts with me.

Sagaponak Kitchen 7