Holiday Kitchens

Decorating the kitchen for the holidays is often overlooked as we go about decorating the rest of our home (and we have many big and small holidays in December not the least of which is Underdog Day on December 17)! We're probably in the kitchen even more during this period of time (National Brownie Day is December 8th) so here are a variety of ideas - traditional, fresh, modern, green to add spirit to our kitchens.

Ten Ways To Add That Holiday Spirit 

1. Replace your collections and accessories around the kitchen to a single color theme for a unifying color story - sounds easy, and it is - all objects are one color. 

2. Change your collections and replace with objects of a common theme - a reindeer theme, a Hannukah star or dreidel theme, and so on. Watch the creeping clutter factor! Group similar shapes and forms for a simple, yet strong, impact. Or, one large item, with multiple small items grouped around. Or, alternating small and large pieces in a roughly 1/3 (small size height) related to an object that is an additional 2/3 taller in height along a line, makes an interesting pattern - short/tall/short/tall, etc.

3. Add decorative lights (disregard word "Christmas" on site-lots of different colors for various holiday themes). Lighting can go above wall cabinetry, under an island countertop, underneath a toekick, surrounding a window or a backsplash. Look for unique patterns to create with solar or led lights.

4. Bring in new linens in your holiday color - tea towels, placemats, table cloths, napkins. Replace seat cushions or add slipcovers

5. Gather large, downed, tall and thin branches, grouped together or used in singles. Position them standing up in corners of a room, as is, spray painted in your holiday color, adding lights and ornaments if desired, or just a single colored ribbon on various branches. Gather acorns and pine cones. Paint all or a few and use decoratively as ornaments, line up on a window sill or shelf for a lovely natural holiday effect. Save for next year. 

6. Place holiday ornaments in a glass or other large bowl in one or more places, small or large ornaments in small or large bowls, any way it looks right to you. So easy, so festive.

7. Make a string of ornaments - attach to ribbon (tied or glued on) and frame a window, follow a ceiling line, make vertical "stripes" on a single wall from floor to ceiling, create a concentric circular motif as a wall feature

8. Hang a number of single ornaments in any motif from the ceiling a short distance, up to approximately 8" long, surrounding a light fixture, in a freeform pattern, or another motif that attracts the eye

9. Add candles, candles, candles (with care and safety in mind!) Candles in one color throughout the home, different sized candles grouped together, candles surrounded by ornaments on a tray. The season for candles is here!

10. Bunch together 6-12 ornaments (may be similar or varying proportions and situated at different heights), tie together with ribbon and/or glue and hang in a doorway, below a lighting fixture, from the ceiling in a logical place, in the window for a modern, cheerful, jumble of color and form. 

Bonus Idea

AFTER the holidays (or instead to celebrate the coming winter solstice) use white in various ways to add reflecting light to your space, adding a bright feeling to lift the spirits and a true celebration of the winter season. Don't stop at the holidays! Images: top- CB2 catalog, middle- BoligLiv magazine, bottom- Martha