Kitchen Design & Floorplan - Holiday Edition

We still have one more huge holiday to go this week, but for those who are just fresh from hosting visiting family and friends in your home or for those who endured challenging kitchen floorplans (sounds like a therapy session topic) tell me the following about functioning or visiting in your kitchen, or any kitchen you were in over the holidays:

what did you love?

what did you hate?

what must you change?

what worked surprisingly well?

what was a mistake?

what was frustrating?

what was the best idea?

These questions are purposely very open ended. Pick your kitchen issue (whatever it is-traffic, appliance placement, dish storage, etc. etc. and expand as you wish.)

Answer any question or questions you like, tell me all about your likes/dislikes, and add more answers over this weeks' experiences and New Years' weekend as well.

Image of Ina Garten's kitchen from House Beautiful.