Buh Bye 2009 - Hello 2010!

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2009 was my best year and my not-so-great year for various reasons. The best part of 2009 was the birth of my first grandchild, Chloe, a bundle of joy from my precious daughter, Kelly.  Everyone can just stop having babies now, ok? Chloe has broken the mold for the most perfect baby ever. Done!

The not-so-great year was because, well, who wants to talk about that when we're ringing out the old and ringing in the new? In FACT, I'd say looking at 2010, I can tell you that some VERY wonderful things are going to happen in my world, a couple of which will be big surprises when I share them with you - that's all I'll say!

I have great excitement, hope, and positive expectations for 2010. I feel poised more than ever before to contribute positively to my industry, an industry I truly love working in every day, and to all of my readers who look to me for insight and information on all things kitchen design-related. My passion for the work that I do in its various forms, is stronger day by day.

I feel I am now, and for the foreseeable future, at the best place possible in my career. I have many years of well-rounded experience as a Certified Kitchen Designer and sole proprietor of my business. I'm, by definition-my family would attest (and groan)-a constant deep thinker, an observer of people, of where we are now, where we might be going and of the tools we choose to use along the way which define who we are and how we aspire to live. I look for the "profound" in the "simple." The meaning.

I travel to design shows during the year, have relationships with allied professionals in the kitchen and home furnishings industries, I read each and every press release that enters my inbox (nearly daily)...and save all of them! I answer interviewers' emailed questions fairly frequently which takes time, attend as many press events as I can in New York City (how wonderful is that?), and visit beautiful showrooms. I read and read and read, using Evernote.com to save and categorize great online information and read my favorite blogs with the assist of netvibes.com (which is so pretty to look at!)

My 3 large monitors at my desk assure productivity, although I do (productively) lollygag more than I should. And, of course, I design kitchens and do phone consultations in between all of this busyness, not to mention monitoring my Twitter account, 2-Facebook accounts, blogging and guest blogging duties. If my updates here are not as frequent as they should be, that's why. I would love to change that and post more frequently. I have ramped up my knowledge/product/design-seeking activities relating to kitchen design since I started blogging nearly 3 years ago, and this year, my pace has dramatically quickened in an enthusiastic effort to take it all in! 

I need to say this...SO often, I'll be somewhere, seeing something interesting and think, I have to share that, I have to write about that! Sometimes I do, and often, other duties intervene and I just do not get to it. The point is, this blog is a little piece of my soul, it really is, and that is because the kitchen is where life happens...the soulfulness of food, its loving preparation, made for one-enjoying solace and thought at the table, or for a boisterous family. The process, which ends in finding one's favorite seat, or gathering around a table, is what rejuvenates our bodies and spirits.

I could write two paragraphs easily on meaningful activities that take place in the kitchen and the profound impact these activities have on an individual or a family, but I'll save that for another time. Suffice to say, the kitchen is a special place for me. I know it contributes good, nurturing, and nutricious things for our well being and I know you feel a similar way. Isn't it great to share our thoughts about this fantastic, seemingly utilitarian space in our homes? It's not so simple as being defined as a place to prepare food. Trust me. 

It's all good...really good. I had NO idea I'd be writing this lengthy piece. I just wanted to say Happy New Year and show you where I went last night! But, it's fitting to elaborate at the year's end, and I wanted to let you in just a bit on how I think, how I work, and how I love working in this segment of the design industry. Plus, as I said, I'm feeling VERY positive about 2010 and wished to share that with you too.

So LOOK where I went yesterday! I went to the top of 1 Times Square where the fabulous (12 feet wide!) handcrafted, Waterford crystal ball is going to drop on Times Square, illuminated by Philips LED colored lights. Waterford Crystal hosted the event and the glasses in the slide show below are Waterford crystal. The representative from Waterford wants everyone to use their crystal every day...it's strong! Follow the 6 1/2 hour broadcast and interact with other revelers around the world via Twitter and Facebook. Me, I'll be checking into this party, absolutely, but first, I'll be strolling down (probably in the rain and/or sleet) from my apartment on the upper west side to Dizzy's, one of my very favorite places in New York, and back again to settle in after the set. When fireworks erupt loudly in Central Park at midnight, we'll go down to the street, look upward to see the show, and be thankful for a wonderful first moment of 2010!!

I wish a wonderful first moment in 2010 for you too, and many, many more! Thanks for hanging out here with me! I have SO much to tell you about...coming soon! Don't miss:


From my family to yours...Happiest of New Years! Oh, and let me point out the redhead in the back who, when I asked each person permission to use this image, said, "sure, go nuts with it." Taco night...last Saturday night...baby Chloe is sleeping!