Swedish Rag Rugs For The Kitchen

You know what is a great accessory in the kitchen? A rug! Change it when you're bored, change it by the season, by the trends, or don't change it at all - keep it as a faithful companion (well, almost.) I really like to bring in some sort of softness into the kitchen if possible, something of comfort preferably. With so many hard surfaces in a kitchen, something soft, even one item, can impart a relaxed feeling.

I'm focusing today on Swedish style rag rugs because it's my guess that you may not be aware of this distinctive type of rug. It is a style I happen to love, one that will not be found in Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel or Room and Board. For that reason alone, I really want to share these with you.

Most of the Swedish rag rugs you will find are vintage rugs, although some are new, depends on the source. I have 3 and I'm almost afraid that next time I go to some antique shops in Denmark, I'm going to collect a few more (with me, sometimes a collection turns into an obsession!) I had one at the outside entrance to my office and it had been in place for over 10 years with an occasional washing. They wear like iron! Of course, you can also find many beauties at our web shop: Scandinavian Made

Now, in my new home, maybe tomorrow, I'll find the rugs I own amongst the remaining boxes of our belongings and will put one in the kitchen and place the other two elsewhere in the house. The prices are very reasonable, considering they have a wonderful vintage look and are in great shape. I guess I like them because of the texture.I like them better than the typical American rag rugs.

Pairing one of these rugs with a collection of sleek surfaces and another few textural objects would make a strong design statement for a modern point of view. Very cool....especially if you can find one in this year's trendy yellow! However you want to express your style, there is a rug design for you.

What do you think? Do you like them?

Happy rug hunting!