Fashion Week Connection To Kitchen Design '09

It's the end of Fashion Week here in New York, and I thought it would be interesting to get a round up of impressions of what's happening in fashion, as, after all, our homes are also influenced by fashion and trends (including current events.)

To put it bluntly, it appears that the carnage in the various financial sectors have brought forth a sort of "bread and butter" reaction from many fashion houses. Toned down, serious, back to basics, UN-wild is what's new. No lack of creativity, but a return to a designer's original aesthetic, and building on those strengths may be what's new for this season. And, that makes some sense. Less risky, and all that.

Nothing wrong with having a safe haven, and being surrounded by trusted friends, right?



As in kitchens for 09, new (post September 2008) thoughts on kitchen design also include a back to basics point of view, back to well designed kitchens, a focus on function, with the home taking on increased importance now more than ever...the ultimate safe haven.

I'll go into much more detail shortly (next couple of days) on where we are in kitchen design in these strange times of '09. Stay tuned.

It's not a fall, it's a correction....right? ;)