TWITTER Changes Everything!

I spent much of this past weekend familiarizing myself with Twitter. I had not previously taken the time to take a good look at it, really, on any level. Most of all, I spent time thinking about Twitter and what I could do with it that would be of value to myself and others.

As a result, I'm beginning this week VERY excited about Twitter! SO often I have had a single thought, come across a single piece of information, have a single photo, all of which may NOT be a whole big blog post or, that I simply don't have the time to MAKE into a blog post.

I can now share those fragments of information on all things kitchen related on Twitter! It is the perfect supplement to this blog!

There is SO much design related information I come across that I find interesting, and I hope you'll follow my product finds, my thoughts, musings, images, and whatever else I feel compelled to share with you.

I'm still tweaking my page, so you'll see things change around a little bit, but I already know, this is something I definitely want to use.

Follow me!