A Snow Day In The Kitchen

The snow has been coming down for hours. My husband is home for the next four weeks due to a work furlough, so he's sort of getting to know our new home by doing a variety of things, including working in the kitchen. We LOVE this house. We say that to each other every day. We can't remember feeling this way about our other homes. I have no idea why, but we feel extra special about this house. It's not perfect, but some of the features it has are wonderful.

Back to the snow! There's something SO cozy about cooking comfort food on a snowy day, I love it! Early this morning, I prepared this meal for dinner. I really enjoy cooking in a kitchen that is part of a great room. I would design the kitchen in a different way, for sure. However, being part of a great room makes me, the cook, feel, I don't know, more valued(?) because it's "ok" to be seen and heard while cooking, among the company of others just beyond the 1/2 wall, as opposed to being not seen and not heard? Is that ridiculous? I'm not even sure it's accurate, but, in some sense, it elevates the cook to, perhaps, an equal status in some way. Yeah, maybe that's it. Or, the opposite....sort of, "like it or not, I'm here, I'm cooking, deal with it!" I haven't cooked this much in years, I'm cooking all the time!

Whatever, it's a nice thing to be surrounded by beautiful furnishings, a relaxing environment, things I love, and to not feel isolated. I love that feeling. The feel of the kitchen design, however, is much too kitcheny for me. It shouldn't be a white kitchen, it should be a wood stain of some sort. I do want to make it more furniture/living room like, and I will do that. I think the entire room will flow even better. What about you...anyone have a kitchen as part of a great room or want one? Or, would hate the thought of it?