Cool Scandinavian Kitchens

You all know I'm good for Scandinavian kitchens! I haven't kept up the pace on my (yes, beloved) blog as much as I should have in recent months due to several reasons, but that aside, despite the ongoing miserable economic conditions in our country as well as locally, I'm feeling hopeful and ready for a fresh start. As an optimist, which I consider myself to be, that's my job!!

I think part of feeling ready for a fresh start is the office I'm putting together. I'm thrilled with my new home office, and it's only this past week that it's been set up, really, since Sunday, and we moved December 29! Since moving in, I've only had my computer on a table, and have been very patient as we've spent these past weeks organizing the rest of the house, which we continue to do. We still have about 25 boxes to unpack, probably, out of nearly 200. But, with new countertops in the office since last Sunday, adding artwork (lots of artwork), a Stanley Steemer carpet cleaning, office supplies (it's all about the height of each inbox!) organized, I'm feeling great, and ready to go!

During this time, I HAVE collected a good number of Scandinavian magazines from visiting Danish relatives and from subscriptions of Scandinavian magazines. And, I just spent $300 on new subscriptions for Scandinavian magazines today (good thing the husband doesn't read this blog!) Want to see some?? I really want to share these kitchens with you, which are not so easily available to see and study otherwise (quiz on Monday.) ;) Sure, more varied content will come, but having just organized my Scandinavian magazines for the first time (ever!) I may be on a roll with fresh images in the coming days and weeks.

I think, unlike typically, I'll throw in some comments. Please feel free to comment too. I'd love to know others' perspectives on these kitchens. Images from Rum, Bolig and Bo Bedre.


Wow, this one, below, is pretty amazing. I love analogous color schemes. Perhaps the upper section of the hood projects forward to capture the cooktop fumes, I hope so. Would like to visit, but wouldn't want to live there.

I love this, below. To me, a perfect juxtaposition of cool/warm, texture/smooth. I could happily cook in this kitchen, being among nature and exciting combination! Bright, textured orange against what looks like flat medium brown? I'm there! The clock? I'd want it larger.

Below, ok, it's bright, but to me, depressing. I'm surprised at my reaction. Tooooo simple/bleh to feel serene (for me.) As an example of minimalist modern kitchen design, it's fantastic. But, I think I may have elongated the hood above on each side to maximize the design concept.

Below, sure it's IKEA-like in its feel, but I love the unexpected introduction of the ribbed white and wood cabinets, the halfway up mosaic tile, which clearly sets apart the cabinetry/shelving above as its own element, and the boldness to position the wood wall cabinet close to the angle of the ceiling, creating an exciting design feature.

Below, no, I'm not on board with this. I see an element of fun. I get the surprise of the ornate brass lamp, but all I really see is a mishmosh!

Below, yeah, I can go down this road, definitely! Another semi-analogous color scheme.

Below, very Scandinavian. Give me a little opportunity for artwork or a sculpture within the space, and I'm good! Definitely has that Hansen feel that is so wonderful.

I have more! What do you think? What's your favorite?