KBIS Sneak Peeks

It's that time of year and it's coming on so fast. I'm going to KBIS, as I do every year, and I can't wait! With thousands of products exhibited, and new technology, new trends and updated classics on display, it's a must see for me.

Shortly before the show, there are often some sneak peaks of new products, so here are a few.

WAC Lighting - I've used WAC lighting for years and years. They just make life simple, clean, easy, elegant, and so on. I don't get complaints from the electricians on the job, and the clients love the light. NOW WAC has LED light bars (love their light bars) and button lights (otherwise known as hockey puck lights). They also have invisiled tape lights for accent lighting. It's all just what you need. A real endorsement.



Eldorado Stone Gemstone Walls - Stunning transformations with stone. New walls are the VinoWall, ArtWall & CandleWall. Read their Sustainable Solutions for Leed Requirements brochure. Documented LEED categories where a project can earn LEED points.

Next is Baarz Decorative Hardware - This is a company that, from my view, offers hardware that looks different, fun, casual, earthy, or formal, for that matter. I've always said that hardware is the jewelry of the kitchen. It's funny...it's the choice that my clients put off as long as they can because you just have to wrap your head around all the choices available...like wallpaper or paint, tons of choices. I did not see a green statement on their website...would like to see that.

Stainless Living - Stainless Steel makes a statement, or any metal for that matter. There is something strong about it, to me. Stainless Living manufacturers deeply textured metals for many applications. They also manufacture stainless steel countertops as well. 





Haier America- Haier introduces their eco-friendly small refrigerator line with the 2.8 cf NuCool model. A brand new technology achieves temperatures as low as 37 degrees, not previously possible with refrigerant models. It is ultra quiet and available at Target. 


Just a few sneak peaks. More product news to come!