American - Scandinavian Kitchens?

It struck me with this latest collection of Scandinavian kitchens from the fantastic Scandinavian magazine, Vakrehjem & Interior, that elements of some of these images looked very American to my eye.

I'd like to offer some comments on these images. Here we go...

These first two images are castle-like kitchens, sort of down in the musty kitchen we go! I do not see those images as typically American necessarily. It's a bit of a mishmosh to me, this kitchen. I am not a fan of the modern chairs mixed with the traditional chairs, maybe it's just that style of modern or traditional. There are areas of this kitchen that are very charming, but I think its charm lies in the collection of pieces rather than the design of the space per se. That said, anytime one can have authentic beams like those beams in one's home, it's a gift. 

Some of these lower images look very close to American kitchens, and what I am seeing here is the shaker door style that is so popular in the U.S. Add in the beadboard, and I think we are in New England. 

Certain differences illustrate Scandinavian design. The wide use of white in the lower images is very typical. White, white, white. Note that the white continues on the door/window casings and some furniture pieces as well. Or, conversely, sometimes we see the abundant use of natural wood elements, such as ceilings and walls clad in distressed wood.

Platters on open shelves or other fine pieces are often seen on open shelves in Scandinavian country kitchens. Modern touches are too, and in the case of the white kitchen, it doesn't matter that the kitchen is 90% country in its theme, somehow, a modern touch seems never to be out of place and is freely included. I do not have a historical reference on the "X" design seen in the doors, but that motif is generally seen as a Swedish design element.

Splashes of color in the white Scandinavian kitchen are widely enjoyed, which we see in the collection of accessories on the tall shelf over the windows. 

I love sharing my Scandinavian kitchen finds with you. I hope you enjoy them too.