I can't find that color tile! Help!

Here's an email I just received:

"Hi, I need help sourcing the tile found in the green and blue Scandinavian kitchen from your blog post of Feb 3.

I can't seem to find the green glass tile anywhere on the web or showrooms. Wondering what your rate would be if you are available for this little job.

Thanks for any consideration, K" 

Kathleen, you don't need to pay me to do this for you. Here's what you do. And, I know this because I've done it myself. The prices have been reasonable and the result has been great. And, it just sort of feels good to do it! Take a look at the link below, which is a google search under "handmade tile" and what you will find is a vast array of artisans and very small companies, look at those. Make inquiries. Show them the image. Now, understand that the image will show up differently on their monitors than on yours. That's #1. So having samples made up is a must. 

That said, enjoy the search, ask questions as to tile maintenance, thickness, strength, lead times, what ifs, and so on. I know you will find a wonderful artisan who will help this look come to life for you. And, after you do and the tile is in, would you email me a picture?

Handmade Tile Google Search

You can also do a search under hand made in two words or artisan tile or other such terms. 

One more idea...if you can make some water color shades of the colors you like, that could help. And, I could be wrong (I've been wrong once before) but I don't think those tiles are glass. 

All the best!