Sleek Scandinavian Kitchens!

OK, it's Friday, I'm feeling good, and I want to show you some modern kitchens from my latest Scandinavian magazine collection! I've now accumulated maybe 4 or 5 subscriptions of my fave Scandinavian magazines (and don't ask me the cost of a subscription, I don't want to remember, and don't tell my husband!)

I absolutely think there are things to learn by looking outside our normal kitchen bubble, to see what else is happening in kitchen design. Let's see what we can learn, dissect, and have fun with today, and also admire. These images are from the very chic magazine Rum Interior Design.

Below: Love the simplicity, the boldness, the white foundation. I also LOVE the artwork, as many of you may know.



















Below: You know, I'm noticing more doors and windows with black trim for some reason, and I like it. Liking the skinny windows here.

Below: Interesting! Sure breaks up the mundane gray everywhere and creates more importance and weight to the upper section of the kitchen. And it's fun, and fun is always good in my book.

Below: I really like this one because there is a great juxtaposition of the profuse green landscape and the modern interior. Not to mention the artfully displayed accessories. Look at that!

Below: Now, this is not normally my style, but I could move into this space! I love white, I love texture, and I love windows. I'm good. 

Below: And, who can't smile at this one?? I sure am! We have white, we have major whimsy going on, and a modern point of view...mostly. Love. 


And you? What do you like/not like??