2009 Kitchen Design Trends

Looking Into the Latest Kitchen Design Trends

By Paige Thomas

Thanks to Susan for so graciously letting me write a guest post on her blog. As a writer for my own home improvement blog I spend a good deal of my days in the office looking at Susan’s kitchen posts, and everything else I bookmark from my seemingly infinite roll of design and home improvement blogs.

When you spend lots of time looking at picture after picture of freshly remodeled kitchens, you start to pick up patterns. There are certain elements which keep popping up again and again, illuminating the trickle down popularity of certain trends in the design world.

Here are three trends that seem to be everywhere in kitchens these days. Take a peak and maybe find some inspiration for your own home:

Open Shelving in the Kitchen

The new chic way to create storage in the kitchen isn’t by refinishing your cabinets, it’s by getting rid of them all together. Open shelving in the kitchen encompasses cabinets with no fronts, or simple long shelves for stacking your kitchen gear.

I’ve heard lots of pros and cons on this kitchen design option. Some people love it, some people hate it. I think if you have great dishware, and you’re organized, why not try it? But I know for me, and my yet to be replaced collection of secondhand college dishes, I couldn’t bear to put anything on display. I might consider a combination of both: some open shelving to display my pretty pieces, and some cabinet type options to tuck away my strictly utilitarian ware. Having open shelving as a focal feature over the sink could be a good option for trying out this trend.


Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

I grew up with a stainless steel double basin sink. To me, this was the perfect kind of sink: one side for washing dishes, and another side for rinsing. It was the epitome of practical. That sink wasn’t a big focal point of my parent’s kitchen. It was just there to do its duty, to get the dishes clean.

These days, however, choosing a kitchen sink is just as important as any other part of a new kitchen design. While the stainless steel sink is still around, it’s no longer the sink of choice for homeowners. While the choices are endless – ultra modern sinks with space age faucets, concrete sinks, aerodynamically thin looking prep sinks – the ultimate trend these days is the farmhouse sink.

Large white, farmhouse basins are practical. They are big and heavy, and give your kitchen a rustic, cottage charm. Plus, their size makes it perfect for washing big dishes easily. If you entertain regularly, or have a large family, these large sinks will likely be on your shortlist of options. Farmhouse sinks offer more charm than other stainless steel or modern options. And one cannot argue that the look and feel they create will truly make your kitchen feel like the heart of the home.


Buy Locally

I love handmade things, and I love being able to support businesses and people from my own community. Luckily I’m not the only one. The popularity, and economic success, of handmade shopping sites like Etsy are proving that people want to support local artists and craftsman. You can easily be a part of this trend by simply taking some time to research your local options for different aspects of your kitchen remodel. Looking into local options may surprise you with the range of talent in your city, or even in your own neighborhood. Plus, you’ll be helping the local economy and supporting a local business that you know will put the money back into your community.

One of the other great things about this trend is that it’s affordable for anyone’s budget. You can buy something as small as a print or poster from a local artist to hang on your wall. There is always something, whether a big-ticket item for the renovation or some small decorative or functional objects, that can be sourced relatively near one's home.

Whether you love or hate these trends, designing a kitchen is ultimately about what works for you. Use the trends to guide you, not define you. When you’re designing your own kitchen, worry less about the trends, and more about making your kitchen a reflection of your own personality.

About the Author: Paige oversees all things Editorial at ReliableRemodeler.com a nationwide contractor matching service bringing together homeowners with area contractors for free estimates on home improvement projects. She writes regularly for the company’s home remodeling blog posting on a wide range of topics including the newest home improvement trends, the latest in remodeling news, and the growing green building movement.