Kitchens From KBIS09

I always love to look at kitchen displays at KBIS, naturally. It's a study in trends and an attempt to interpret where the looks are coming from, what is the message of the style. 

The message this year was one of diversity, appreciation of wood, deep, rich browns, the occasional black, but neutrals as a rule. Soft modern design, yes, and where traditional design was seen, the lines are ever cleaner than in recent years. 

The shift is toward simple, classic, classic modern, or a green theme as seen in the Jenn Air booth, designed by Fu Tung Cheng, always an inspiration. The name of the exhibitor can be seen when the mouse hovers over the small image. Is an Asian theme creeping into the 2009 design consciousness? I did get that sense.

But diversity and choice is king, that's for sure. I've witnessed THAT concept, as more and more manufacturers are widening their product lines to incorporate modern styling, if they were previously traditional, to cover more bases. One example, is the introduction of numerous Rohl products in a modern theme.