Pottery Barn Lighting

I just saw this new fixture from Pottery Barn. It is showcased in their newsletter that I received. At first glance I really didn't care for it. Too...something. Contrived? Uninspired? Too much like other lighting fixtures that incorporate common objects like silverware or glasses, etc. etc?

Twenty seconds later, I think I like it. While I don't think I'd buy it, it's the sculptural quality of it that's speaking to me now. I think I'm over my initial cynical thoughts. I do like the use of two fixtures over a table, although these should be set further apart. Could be great for a kitchen dining area/breakfast room too.

What do you think? 1) Like it or 2) hate it or 3) a New Yorker's "eh" (with a smirk and a right tilt of the head-stop, let's not forget the half closed eyes)?