The Next Food Network Star

I love how these things happen. Yesterday, the tv was on in the background in the kitchen, and, while I'm not a frequent Food Network viewer by any means, my son and his girlfriend are big fans. They had been here for the weekend and we were just hanging out in the kitchen. I switched the channel to the Food Network and my son's favorite chef, Bobby Flay, was on. 

Yesterday was the recap of the previous episodes of The Next Food Network Star, with the winner to be announced last night. 

Eventually, my son and his girlfriend left to return to their home (ok, mine, where they're living in NYC, lucky kids) and I found myself, now in my office, keeping the Food Network channel on for the rest of the day, up to the final show, and getting more and more into the series in the process! Throughout the day, the series took me from kitchen to office to bedroom (I know, it's a sad state of affairs when I have to admit the Food Network channel was yesterday's entertainment ALL DAY, but it's virtually unheard of for me, ok???)

Putting my marketing hat on, I should have predicted the winner from the start. Of COURSE Melissa won! Obviously, she has proven that she is a very talented cook. But, beyond that, I would guess that she speaks to the Food Network's coveted demographic...moms, moms who want fast but interesting meals for their families, moms on a budget, moms who can relate to Melissa's simple, friendly, somewhat humble manner, busy moms. 

Melissa's very positive demeanor will help uplift anyone's spirits, and she already feels like a trusted friend. Compared to Jeffrey's "Ingredient Smuggler" concept, which seems a bit exotic, maybe ever so slightly snobbish  right about now, Melissa's approach is exactly what should appeal to the mainstream Food Network audience during these still very unsettled economic times. And with more of us cooking at home, it seems like a great demographic fit. 

How could I have missed the demographic appeal paired with her cooking ability? What a match for the Food Network!