Kitchen Blog Notes

Just a little blog housekeeping to do and to turn you on (do people still say that?) to a few things you may want to take a look at.

First, you'll see a new look for this blog. It's actually an update that I did myself. I may continue tweaking a bit here and there, but I needed a change, and to do a big change requires time that I just do not have right now to work with a professional graphic designer. So, much like organizing the kitchen, my new post on the really great blog, Hatch, here's a small update. I'm open to constructive suggestions too!

NOTE: There is a new share button at the end of every post. Please share! :) I'd love for you to share my posts wherever and with whomever you feel it is relevant for. Sharing is a good thing.



My great new interior designer friend, Wanda S. Horton, from North Carolina, came up with this very cool and fun idea to have a live chat, open to any questions at all on interior design (including kitchens) on Twitter. All you have to do is go here: #IDzinechat and you will see activity both from those who are asking questions and those who are answering. It's a good reason to start your own Twitter account, if you do not already have one. @tkpleslie (Leslie Carothers) on Twitter also lent her social media expertise to encourage this event to happen.

I'll be participating, so ask your kitchen questions, in 140 characters (I almost said calories-you know what's on my mind!) and I'll be on the lookout for them, and follow me on Twitter too: @susanserrackd

See you there!



One day, in the middle of a million things, I suddenly had an urge to ask my Twitter friend, Franki Durbin, whose blog I've read and admired for a long time, to tell me about her dream kitchen. Franki has such a gift for spotting authentic style, so I knew she'd come up with some interesting kitchen dreams!

I love how granite countertops are in her kitchen dreams. You know, I've seen granite in kitchens for, well, 20+ years and yes, there is always the danger that a designer can tire of seeing the same fabulous design element over time. I challenge myself constantly NOT to fall into that trap, and I'm pleased that Franki is of the same gal!

I'd like you to go to Franki's post about her dream kitchen, because there are a number of other GREAT points and design ideas that she talks about, and I don't want to give them away here! Franki has a wonderful way with'll be transported on a path of words right into the heart of that dream kitchen. Thank you for your post, Franki, and for your kind words. Your vision is truly inspirational!