Oprah.com Home and Garden Feature, and more

Hello visitors from Oprah.com! Angela Min, interior designer, and I, certified kitchen designer, welcome you! Angela and I are a design team, focused on our specialized areas of residential design. You will soon find Angela's insights on design in this blog, her first post to be seen within days.

Angela and I both offer design consulting services, from one hour phone consultations (see the right sidebar) to full turnkey design services. It's just amazing what can be accomplished during this hour as we get our clients focused and work through one creative idea after another, whatever the client's budget. Good design does not have to be expensive! And, we work as a design team on projects too! Thank you, Oprah.com visitors, for visiting, and please leave a comment! Topic suggestions? Let us know.

It's a good time at this point to also make mention of my daughter, Kelly Donovan. Kelly, my buddy, friend, daughter and all around super smart and savvy gal, will also be joining us on The Kitchen Designer blog to share her unique insights on living in no less than five small urban kitchens (in New York City). Kelly is a foodie, a truly passionate cook, mom of a 9 month old, and will share her information and insights on living and cooking in a tiny kitchen! I've often wanted to focus regularly on small kitchens in this blog, so I am thrilled to introduce my readers to Kelly!

Kitchen and Bath Industry Show

I'm happy, plain and simple! I am writing this on a plane en route to the KBIS show in Chicago. To say I love going to this show is an understatement. It's THE place to go if you are in the kitchen and bath industry. I get reenergized, see colleagues, meet new ones, attend seminars, while having no other distractions. I am as excited about going this year as I ever was, and I guess this is my 19th year attending KBIS. Add some press events into the mix, and we're talking serious fun!

This year I will be serving as a judge for K+BB magazine, a sponsor of KBIS, to judge the best products in the show. I serve as a judge for K+BB magazine at the end of the year to evaluate the most innovative products of each year, so it is another honor to be asked by this venerable kitchen industry magazine to serve in this capacity. Fun!

While at KBIS, I will be visiting the autokitchen.com exhibit. Contact autokitchen.com for a special KBIS price on the latest, and very innovative, version of their software. I have chosen autokitchen.com to work with in my design practice for a number of reasons, but, ok, truth be told...it's the incredibly sexy state of the art photorealistic graphics that had me when I clicked on to the website! Take a look (allied design professionals) and tell the U.S. representative, Miguel, that Susan from The Kitchen Designer blog personally sent you.

KBIS, here I come, and Oprah.com visitors, please bookmark this blog for much more professional design advice on both kitchens and interiors.