A Little Time Off...

Image captured on my recent trip to Paris!As sometimes happens with my blog, I might seemingly disappear for a bit. And, I guess I actually do, at least in terms of regular blog writing. And, I always regret that, while at the same time I am planning post after post as events transpire, only to get involved with something else before I put fingers to the keyboard. Thus, the regret!

Right now, and for some time, I have been juggling some very exciting balls, all in the air (ok, the blog ball dropped!) I am currently working on:

  • designing kitchens for clients
  • running the business and all that entails
  • participating in short design consultations for clients
  • keeping my hand in Twitter, my personal facebook profile and my professional Facebook page ("like" me!
  • working closely with Angela Min, who has been part of my business since the spring (she's awesome, classically trained in Interior Design with a masters degree in ID, and you will be hearing from Angela on this blog and elsewhere!)
  • working on my new product line, Bornholm, to be launched this summer and all THAT entails (a lot!)
  • attending industry events
  • blogging for Sears, Decorati, Divine Caroline, K+BB 
  • interacting with members of the media on various projects
  • not to mention an active personal/family life including a recent trip to Paris! And my 35 babies (roses in my garden!)
Beyond being busy, as we all are of course, sometimes the more I am away from my blog, the more a bit of paralysis sets in too, where I feel, well, I've been gone awhile, now I really have to blog about something special. Maybe some of you bloggers have felt that too. Today, I'm tossing that analysis paralysis aside to just touch base with you.

I did take a number of days off in the middle of a busy time to (obsessively) search for the perfect project management system to keep it all running smoothly and which serves as a great communications platform between Angela and I and for us and our clients. 

Seeking something new, I got my hair cut in Paris! So fun! Total language barrier too!I'd say that my career has never been as interesting, diverse, fun, and hopeful as it has been in the recent past, right now, and for the foreseeable future. I'm loving every day and all the interactions with clients and industry colleagues, new and old. 

I'm deeply entrenched into all things "kitchen" focused and in my new project management system, I have a special place set up for blog ideas so they now will not escape me after I say to myself "YES, I've GOT to blog about that!"

More soon....and I hope this finds you well. I'd love to know what you are finding new and exciting in the world of design...