Nautical Bornholm Kitchen

Without fail, as the mercury begins to rise and I can see Spring on the horizon, I feel a gravitational pull towards all things nautical.  So it's no surprise that while perusing the AD Show a few weeks ago I was stopped in my tracks by these stunning ship lights and thought they'd make a fabulous addition to a Bornholm Kitchen. 

If you're at all familiar with the geography of Bornholm, you'll know it's a small island off the coast of Denmark, and being surrounded by water, fishing has been both an industry and pastime near and dear to the heart of Danish culture for centuries, from their diet rich in Herring to the sea-bound Vikings of Scandinavian ancestral legends.

We thought of no better way to pay homage to our line's namesake than to style it accordingly, of course!  Here are a few selections to heighten the authenticity of your Bornholm Kitchen and bring this wonderful legacy into your home.

We love the industrial feel of this Blanco faucet.  I can just imagine the vikings using this in their ship galleys...that is, if gorgeous, semi-professional high end faucets were around centuries ago and vikings had a hankering for luxury.

Throw down this authentic Swedish rag rug and feel the waves lapping underfoot. 

Place a few of these shiny red varnished stools, designed in 1934, alongside the bar overhang of your island and add a fun splash of color in keeping with our nautical theme.

Add in the simple, clean lines and professional feel of this punchy red espresso maker and enjoy a homemade Danish caffe latte.

Finally, soften up the look and tie our colors together with this gorgeous painting of the most famous (and historically notorious) fishing port called Nyhavn, in Copenhagen.

Careful planning on the part of those 17th century Swedish builders to incorporate all of the shades mingling in our Scandinavian sea heritage inspired kitchen.