Autokitchen 10 - Amazing Graphics, Smart Design

As gushed noted previously in this blog, I have been, and remain, captivated by the visual poetry of, yes, the graphics of Autokitchen! (Going to KBIS? Autokitchen will be at booth C4990.)

Some time ago, my eye and my brain got married to Autokitchen. The brain put it this way: “This program is relatively easy to learn, is fast, and has every part and piece I need to create as simple or as custom a kitchen as I need without skipping a beat.” The eye felt this way: “The graphics are simply to DIE for!” A happy marriage (cue the white picket fence).

Enter the next generation, Autokitchen 10 (do you love this analogy so far?) The next generation often has it better than the previous generation and this is no exception. Here are some of the attributes of Autokitchen 10:

A new mosaic collection from New Ravenna (stunning tile)

Several new collections of wood carvings including Art for Every Day, Classic Designs by Matthew Burak and Adams Wood Products

New architectural tools to create even more professional architectural drawings, including new, impressive, dimension styles

Many new appliances, door styles and countertop materials

This week Autokitchen is releasing the catalogs for Wood Mode /Brookhaven and allmilmo – that’s big!

These are strong new additions to Autokitchen, already the leader in high quality kitchen design software. The color graphics of the program are outstanding. Floorplans, elevations, and perspective drawings are detailed, with a crisp, architectural look.

On a personal note, I tell my children more than they want to hear that a secret to life is to think flexibly. Autokitchen thinks so too - it allows a designer to go with the flow with enormous flexibility to modify cabinetry on the fly and/or to draw and extrude shapes into 3d objects FAST. It's reliable and the technical support, from my own personal experience, is a notch above top notch, maybe two; you will receive superb and friendly service.

Two versions of the Autokitchen Studio version begin at $995 and software prices are on the website; affordable and price transparent. 

What I am REALLY excited about is my forthcoming affiliation with Autokitchen and my new collection, Bornholm Kitchen. Our partnership will allow Bornholm Kitchen designs to be brought to life as only Autokitchen can do. Soon, I will give you a few sneak peeks of our exclusive new designs for our web retailers 2Modern and For now, take a look at these images by Autokitchen... (Going to KBIS? Autokitchen will be at booth C4990.)